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The trial made national headlines and brought a lot of negative attention to Wicca.

Other Wiccans called Louise and Loy “mail-order Wiccans” who are not real representatives of the religion.

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At their extradition hearing, Nyberg and Davis said that they were a wizard and witch, respectively, and that they were married.

Carloads of teens drove by, honking their horns and yelling at the house.

The Stones called the sheriff’s department, who chased away the teenagers.

After the police left, another truckload of teenagers came by the house.

The truck had five people in it and was turning around in the Stone’s gravel driveway when two shots from a shotgun came through the passenger door of the truck.

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But sadly, like other religions, there are some people who are misinformed or simply misuse the religion as a justification to commit horrible crimes.