Updating mac os 10

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Using the clean install option will leave you with a Mac that is very similar to a brand-new Mac just taken out of the box and plugged in for the first time.There will be no third-party apps installed, and no users or user data.If you haven’t performed these first two steps, go back to the beginning of this page for information.You can check that your Mac’s startup drive is in good shape and that the existing system files have the correct permissions, by following this guide: Using Disk Utility to Repair Hard Drives and Disk Permissions Once you complete steps in the above guide, we're set to begin the actual installation, starting on Page 2.Apple once again provides only two basic installation methods: the upgrade install, which is the process this guide will take you through, and a clean install.Upgrade Install overwrites your current version of OS X, replaces any outdated system files, installs new system files, resets file permissions, updates Apple-supplied apps, and installs new Apple apps.Snow Leopard is the oldest version of OS X that can access the Mac App Store.

El Capitan was announced at WWDC 2015 and will go through a public beta process beginning in July 2015, finishing with a public release on September 30, 2015.But believe me when I say the new OS will wait for you and making sure your current data is safely backed up isn't something to overlook.The OS X El Capitan installer is going to be making major changes to your Mac, deleting some system files, replacing others, setting new file permissions, even mucking around with preference files for various system components as well as some apps.Clean Install derives its name from the first step of the process: cleaning the target volume of any system or user data.This is usually done by first erasing the target volume and then installing OS X El Capitan.

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Before you decide to participate in the public beta or install the new Mac operating system once it's released, you should take a look at which Macs will support the OS, and what the minimum specifications are.