Tasmania adult dating site

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Tasmania adult dating site

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Recognising the animal's plight, state and federal governments signed a recovery plan for the giant freshwater lobster in August. There's no doubt about that if we don't put these areas aside, they will decline," he said.

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Professor Alastair Richardson, a retired zoologist who is analysing Mr Walsh's data, said while poaching was a threat to the large adults, land disturbance such as logging is the big killer for smaller juveniles."Sedimentation in streams is a problem for the small animals when they're very young," he said."They must be able to find a refuge somewhere in the stream that's often between cobbles between small rocks where they can get into a hiding place, and if those hiding places are crammed with sediment they're vulnerable to predators."If things go on as they are it will be a slow and steady decline." Researchers think there are about 100,000 giant freshwater crayfish left in Tasmania, although no firm number exists because they live underwater and in remote areas.

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