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Stanley plane dating

Now and then you might stumble across a bench plane that has some cosmetic surgery, where the entire forward of the mouth portion of the main casting was broken off and subsequently welded back onto the rest of the plane.

Those that are in mint condition have some appeal about them, but they still have look like of an aluminum pot or piece of foil.

But I took a break to go and see my uncle today I noticed this sitting on the work bench, I told him that I’ve fixed up some planes before and he told me that I could have it. 10 1/2) but I do not find a patent date on the lateral adjustment lever, it does say STANLEY, so it is a little conflicting there according to Hypperkitten’s page. The man who owned would’ve been about 90 years old, there are initials on the side of it although they are not his initials. There are no other markings on it anywhere, not on the brass knob, not on the frog, not on the cap. He found the TM on the iron already: The blade says “STANLEY” “PAT AP’L 19.92”.

How the Asian community has thrived in Newcastle after a tricky start. Antique tool expert Clarence Blanchard shares the history of the.

What year and type is your Stanley Bailey handplane. Patents for plane improvements are widely credited. Please let me know of other handtool resources that could be converted to hypertext.

It looks as if someone screwed a razor blade onto the cutting edge of the normal iron.

Bailey had experimented with several designs, but finally settled upon a style that is still being manufactured, with minor modification, today.

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Ralph J Boumenot July 22, at 6: The brass depth adjustment nut used on this plane is different from all the others. Show just how tightly wound you are when you wow your pals with the tightly wound shavings that these datings stanley plane blades produce.

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