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"It was a time of radical politics, a time when people believed quite wholly in the idea of personal freedom," said Ms. "Women too joined the debate, saying it was important to be open because there was nothing to be ashamed about.The argument was that people should see what they want and do what they want." But while Ms.Some here describe the trend as Sweden's "white wave," or a growing emphasis on morality and ethics, that has given a different cast to national politics.For example, the new conservative coalition voted into power in Sweden last year includes the Christian Democrats, a splinter party with an aggressive pro-family, pro-religion agenda.Little research has been conducted on older women’s sexual desire and activity internationally except to document sexual declines, diseases or dysfunctions, and victimization.

We question how older women might exercise agency to resist inconsistent and negative cultural constructions of aging to arrive at an authentic expression of their own desirability and desire.

There is evidence that such contemporary beauty ideals and cultural stereotypes about old women combine to undermine older women’s sense of their own desirability (Calasanti and Slevin, Gender, Social Inequalities and Aging, 2001; Lemish and Muhlbauer, Women Ther 5–180, 2012; Clarke, J Women Aging 12(3–4): 77–97, 2011); however, we also review research indicating that women’s experience of their own sexual desire and desirability are more complex, contextual, and even contradictory (Clarke, J Women Aging 12(3–4): 77–97, 2011; Slevin, Age Matters: Realigning Feminist Thinking, pp. In this review of the sexual desirability and desire of older women, we acknowledge the varied and complex perspectives that older women have in relation to their bodies, their appearance, and their sexual selves.

We attempt to address the impact of contextual factors on women’s experience of themselves as sexual beings, including the larger sociohistorical context of their lives, and the particular context in which they experience sexual desire, such as the availability of a partner and the quality of their relationships.

I had to tell him, things aren't like they used to be." From the 1950's through the early 1970's, Sweden was synonymous with the idea of an unfettered and open sexuality, a permissive, even promiscuous, society at the cutting edge of the sexual revolution.

In Stockholm, there were clubs with live sex acts that drew tour groups from Asia and America.

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Lindahl, who is the executive director of the Swedish Association for Sex Education.