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Show dating tips

If you believe that you are called to be married, and you believe you have found the person you want to marry, then get married. Marriage is something that will last the rest of one of your lives.It will be central and controlling over whatever ministry either of you has.As you plan the music, preaching and other aspects of your wedding service, keep in mind that it is ultimately an event of worship before God.

In addition to possibly working through some of those issues early on, the exercise will enhance your communication skills. It is not primarily the bride's special day (though it will unquestionably be a special day for her), and it is not primarily the groom's rite of passage into Christian manhood (though in some ways it is that as well).

Use that time to meditate on marriage as a relationship and as a picture of the way that Christ relates to the church. While there's a great number of spectacularly bad books on marriage, there are also some very good ones.

.] Finally, talk about things that you think might be sources of conflict during your marriage.

Too many couples put tremendous energy and stress — even tears — into which type of faux parchment they should use for the programs so as to most effectively evoke a "Mediterranean" theme.

Meanwhile, they're neglecting their marriage before it even starts.

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