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„Este UNIC ÎN ISTORIA României prin complexitate şi anvergură” BREAKING NEWS | Motivul real pentru care Halep nu a participat la parada de 1 decembrie: "Nu au primit-o! Simona a spus că e răcită pentru a ascunde situaţia umilitoare în care a fost pusă INCENDIAR!Rivala Simonei Halep a renunţat la haine şi a arătat TOT într-un pictorial de senzaţie!Detaliile pe care NICIUN agent de turism nu vrea să ţi le spună Scene CUTREMURĂTOARE la un festival de muzică | Un DJ CELEBRU a murit sub ochii a miilor de oameni.CHASING BEAUTY provides a rare glimpse into the intriguing and complex world of modeling. ' Just over a year ago, there was fuss galore when Jayne entered Sasha (then ten) in the junior Miss British Isles competition - Britain's first adult-style beauty pageant for children.Sasha might not have won, but Jayne loved the process, describing it as 'the best fun ever'. 'I fell in love with a pink dress that made her look like a princess, but the people advising us told us you should always match the dress to the eyes - so we went for green. They reminded me of little ballerina dolls.' What sort of mother wants her daughter to look like a doll?

She chatters away about Sasha's media 'career', believing her daughter is a celebrity, and is proud to have been instrumental in making that happen. Going to the States was just the next stage in all of this, and it's been worthwhile.'The pictures are amazing, and Sasha is such a lucky girl to have them. Jordan is her idol and I fully support her in that.I'd love to have those sort of pictures, nice pictures, rather than ones you hide away because you can't bear to look at them.' It was about the same time she started dabbling in beauty pageants that Jayne declared she wanted her daughter to be the next Jordan. She's a great role model, this really down-to-earth woman who has made a big success of her life.At 11, Sasha Bennington is too young to remember the days when Jordan was just a country and being branded 'fake' was something to be ashamed of. 'Perhaps it's different in country areas, where they don't need to grow up so fast. Jayne tells me she was uneasy about the way the contest was run, citing odd rules about how much make-up should be applied to those pre-pubescent faces and including confusing clauses about how contestants could bring make-up artists but should try to look 'natural'. ' Earlier this year, Jayne was given free rein with the blusher when Sasha became the first British child to dip a scarlet-tipped toe into the American pageant scene. Why else would you be able to buy make-up for pre-teens at Boots? 'All the mums were up at 6am so they could get started on hair and make-up.'And everything is . You have to spend £2,000 on a pageant dress over there. Sasha just ran through all the dresses, she was in her element.But maybe the youngster's biggest tragedy is that her mother, Jayne, 31, is in no hurry to paint a picture of how it used to be. 'We spend about £300 a month on beauty treatments for her. But, around big cities, girls have got to be more forward and act older than they are. 'I don't understand why people get so upset about it. At first, I think she is criticising the organisers for encouraging the children to look too adult. She means the girls - some of whom were still toddling - weren't allowed to look adult enough. Jayne was at her side, helping her practise her sashay. ' There was a jaw-dropping moment in the film - Sasha, Beauty Queen At 11, to be shown on July 14 on BBC3 at 9pm - when the pageant veteran charged with showing Sasha the ropes demonstrates how to walk like a beauty queen. Jayne talks about Sasha's media 'career', believing her daughter is a bona fide celebrity, and is proud to have been instrumental in making that happen 'Back home, we have to buy an adult dress and get it altered to fit, but there they are totally geared up for girls her age. The girls are encouraged to put on masses of make-up. I was amazed at how much there was to learn, but I knew I was in the hands of the experts.' Jayne and her husband, Martin, spent £26,000 on Sasha's presents, which included a swimming pool It seems that the main lesson learned was that her darling daughter could look like a plastic Barbie, and be rewarded with a sash to prove it.

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Vanzatoarea o observa si o scaneaza dintr-o privire: pantofi uzati, o mica gaura in dresul de culoarea pielii, o geanta tocita, o rochie veche, sifonata si parul alb ascuns sub un batic. Batrana a inceput sa se uite prin magazine si a zarit o rochie intr-o nuanta pastelata de albastru, s-a ridicat si a mers spre ea. Cum putea sa ii spuna acelei batrane ca nu isi poate permite rochia? Premiile BM pentru inovaţiile anului 2017 Ce este inovaţia şi de ce suntem inovatori modeşti? vezi continuarea VESTE-ŞOC despre Sylvester Stallone. Informaţia DE NECREZUT despre iubitul actor publicată chiar ACUM LOVITURĂ DE TEATRU în Parlament.