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Sexual chat programs

A common phenomenon is labor migration which began in the early 1920s.The "brain drain" reached crisis proportions in the late 1970s when the Marcos government actually promoted the deployment of Filipinos for overseas jobs to deflate unemployment and earn foreign exchange from income remittances to offset the debt crisis.[7] we begin to love each other when we begin to make the connection between your empowerment and my disempowerment, we are sisters when we recognize and touch each other's pains like touching the glow of the moon when it seems so distant and impossible, when we cry because another woman cries, when we hold a grieving sister even when we feel the depths of our own wounding, when we laugh as the tears dry laughing with the going of sorrows, when we break our silences even when it is difficult to find the words that will describe the growing grief of loves lost and lost hopes...The cultural context within which Filipino women have been defined is embedded in a patriarchal system, as in other parts of the world.Some of the most widely spoken languages are Cebuano, Ilocano, Tagalog, Bicol, Hiligaynon, and Waray.The Philippines is comprised of more than 7,000 islands shared by a wide diversity of cultural communities who live in both upland and lowland country; some also still preserve their traditional maritime society living in boats on the sea.

We are mindful of the significance of this place and we acknowledge and pay respect to the indigenous people who care for and love this land so dearly.

Sharing our experiences, as we are doing today, gives us hope for learning more about how to put an end to the violence; we will internalise what we learn today and draw those strands too into our understanding; and we will not forget your stories while we weave the fabric that dresses and decorates our womens network.

Isis International-Manila, is an NGO that promotes networking, communication and cooperation among women and groups working for womens empowerment.

Gender and female sexuality are defined by the dominant social group (men) through a socialisation process mediated by family and community, school, church and the media.

In practice, this has come to mean male dominance/female subordination.

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Some of what we present here may seem to be outside the scope of this forums topic of sexual violence.