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Peter De Benedittis has made single-payer health care his gubernatorial campaign’s top priority.

De Benedittis’ People First Campaign has just released a short video demonstrating the need for single-payer health care. ([email protected]) Like we said yesterday, the season of goodwill is on hold for Jeff Apodaca and Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Dem strategy seems to be to form a circle and fire at will. One of the Dem Guv candidates has been busy talking about the issues, Fred.

It makes me seriously wonder if being Governor is more about personal power than representation of the citizenry. Under-the-radar hopeful Peter De Benedittis came with this serving of meat and potatoes this week: Dr.

Reader Alan Wagman checks in with an interesting Schmitt angle: It is fitting that Harrison Schmitt became an astronaut, because he was born in space. Git is a term of insult with origins in British English denoting an unpleasant, silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying, senile, elderly or childish person. Insurance agent Laurie Martinez said she attended the whiffle ball event and disputed Anaya's account. "I was there and I've never seen Jeff act in an inappropriate way," she said.

In Grant County, people who were born in Santa Rita are referred to as having been born in space. This reader reacts to the misspelling of the word "gift" as "git" during our blogging of the Christmas gifts the politicos will be getting: Is that supposed to be "gift"? As a mild oath it is roughly on a par with prat and marginally less pejorative than berk. MERRY CHRISTMAS This is our 15th Christmas on the blog and we're thankful for your continued interest today and through the years. Apodaca has called on US House Minority Leader Pelosi to investigate Grisham over the dismissal of intern Riley Del Ray.

Senator Schmitt is part of the fabric of our state, as well as our nation’s rich history of space exploration. Harrison Schmitt, our homegrown hero who accomplished what few others have.

Jack was elected to the Senate in 1976, defeating incumbent Joe Montoya, but in 1982 Democrat Jeff Bingaman defeated Schmitt when he sought re-election.

In response Union Pacific promptly built its multimodal facility near Santa Teresa.

We pointed out that most of those were merely reapproving tax relief already on the books.

Syndicated columnist Harold Morgan says this: It is not true that the administration’s much proclaimed 37 tax cuts all were merely extensions of tax breaks already passed. Yes, a number of these “cuts” extend previously enacted tax credits or gross receipts exemptions such as House Bill 273 in 2011 for an R & D credit.

Martinez--Santa has buffed up the Guv's resume and by the end of '18 he hopes to land her a good paying slot in the private sector.

Chief Marketing Officer for Dion's Pizza is a possible, says Santa.

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How about an edition of reader Vox Populi hot off the presses to take us into the holidays? Reader Fred Moran writes of the outbreak of hostilities between the camps of Dem Guv contenders Jeff Apodaca and Rep.

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