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Sex dating in eek alaska

so we can all channel our unlimited (though used so infrequently) potential, boosting and amplifying our mental horsepower in laser-beam focused and "with purpose" positive directions, most specifically for increased instances of Intellectual Stimulation (which is at the illusive, difficult to catch/grasp essence and pure substance of life - most significant to you and all that you want to do's what you have been on a quest to find for so long now).Right now, here, this moment in time, you can read the Communiqus, following along in the "play of words." You can freely share any or all of these Communiqus with anyone and everyone else in whatever manner you choose (so long as you quote me as the source AND are NOT profiting from using my words).Everything you read will be real and true with me striving, among the collected combinations of words, to produce as many as possible of "that one true sentence" Hemmingway so eloquently and passionately talked about. Because we are now living life sheathed in a "feels a bit too tight" Digital Dementia Dystopia where things look and feel like they always have ... But, it's all very much like that mirror on the passenger side of a car with light grey lettering at the bottom that no one pays much attention to (like so many other things).This is a "worded performance" about how out of whack things and people are. Instead, a mental engineering examination of the Batsh*t Crazy stuff all around us (whether or not we each realize it or the extent of it) that no one seems to be doing anything about . So we need to not just talk about it, but keep the conversation (and us) moving in a direction that takes us back to a point where things aren't so Batsh*t Crazy ... Those all-caps, rhyming words (if repeated enough times might even put you into a trance) say "objects in mirror are closer than they appear." So, basically, you don't really know what you think you are seeing.I won't be posting any of what I'm doing "here" anywhere else. or we somehow, some way, know how to deal with it all better and more sanely (because none of the Batsh*t Craziness is going away any time soon ... And, that is exactly what's going on with so much that is surrounding and smothering all of us, to the point where we actually do gasp or gag (knowingly or unknowingly ...An important factor here could be that maybe, just maybe, we all got off at the wrong planet!Not really, but, at so many points, it sure seems like that, doesn't it? But, first we need to talk about what we're doing here and how things are going to work ...

so you can do much, much more to Thats why it is urgent I share these Communiqus with you ...

The excess amount of absurdity comes at us day and night from everywhere, insulting our intelligence.

The real indignity is we have to "play along" with it all ...

you know, so people won't think we're the ones who are actually Batsh*t Crazy!

We're all seeking meaning in so much ridiculousness and babble that doesn't seem to make any sense.

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That's because social media, emails, and texting, combined, are a monumental part of our collective, bewildering dilemma. maybe just mentally at a subconscious level, just enough so "alarm bells" start faintly sounding)! It isnt just things in the mirror not being what you think they are.