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A Scorpio woman is active and robust, she easily takes on new tasks, although she does not bring it to the end if she does not get pleasure or the task seems to be boring. First of all, they are guided by their momentary impulses and desires, forgetting about common sense. Scorpio women are hedonists, they love a beautiful life, pleasure, and comfort.They are very ambitious and aspiring, they strive for fame and recognition, and they do everything possible to achieve their goals, and due to these qualities, they are often considered aggressive and even cruel.It is a great fun for Scorpios to demonstrate to themselves and to others what they are capable of.In this regard, they often achieve great success in sports, are able to win the hearts of the most popular men and take a leading position in other spheres of life.In addition, they tend to possess that mysterious quality that drives men wild.All of these traits probably drew you to your Scorpio woman, but she can also be secretive, jealous and prone to anger.Sexuality is an essential feature of Scorpio woman personality.

A Scorpio woman likes to set her own rules in the house and rarely compromises.A Scorpio woman is a wonderful mother who cares for her children, even when they are grownups.Mentioning their negative qualities, it is necessary to tell about an excessive self-criticism, certain authoritarianism and a complete lack of respect for the opinion of others.Scorpio women do not like to talk about their family, they share only a small part if necessary.They can boast that they have a prosperous partner, but you will never know about his shortcomings.

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This quality can be both a huge value and a real punishment for her inner circle.

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