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Meanwhile, Pericles returns to Tarsus for his daughter.

The governor and his wife claim she has died; in grief, he takes to the sea.

Pericles' wanderings bring him to Mytilene where the governor Lysimachus, seeking to cheer him up, brings in Marina.

They compare their sad stories and joyfully realise they are father and daughter.

I sought a husband, in which labour I found that kindness in a father: He's father, son, and husband mild; I mother, wife, and yet his child.

How they may be, and yet in two, As you will live, resolve it you.

The plan is thwarted when pirates kidnap Marina and then sell her to a brothel in Mytilene.

Fortunately, one of the fishermen drags Pericles' suit of armour on shore that very moment, and the prince decides to enter the tournament.Modern textual studies indicate that the first two acts of 835 lines detailing the many voyages of Pericles were written by a collaborator, which strong evidence suggests to have been the victualler, panderer, dramatist and pamphleteer George Wilkins. The play opens in the court of Antiochus, king of Antioch, who has offered the hand of his beautiful daughter to any man who answers his riddle; but those who fail shall die.I am no viper, yet I feed On mother's flesh which did me breed.Although his equipment is rusty, Pericles wins the tournament and the hand of Thaisa (who is deeply attracted to him) in marriage.Simonedes initially expresses doubt about the union, but soon comes to like Pericles and allows them to wed.

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Next, the goddess Diana appears in a dream to Pericles, and tells him to come to the temple where he finds Thaisa. The first is Confessio Amantis (1393) of John Gower, an English poet and contemporary of Geoffrey Chaucer. The second source is the Lawrence Twine prose version of Gower's tale, The Pattern of Painful Adventures, dating from c. Moreover, a third related work is The Painful Adventures of Pericles by George Wilkins, published in 1608.