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After Nero, CAESAR became a title meaning a person of great dignity, and a dignitary of the second rank (one in line to become IMPERATOR).However the title was retained once one became Emperor, still indicated a person of great dignity.What is easy to overlook, and very important, is that the spear is held in a transverse position with the point down.

Meaning "victor over the Parthians", this title awarded to Trajan in AD 116 following his victories over the Parthians in that year.

Trajan was awarded this title in October of AD 97, only three months before becoming Emperor.

Meaning "the most perfect prince", a title awarded to Trajan by the Senate in AD 100, after he re-entered Rome following the German wars.

To many collectors new to Roman coins, this is just a denarius of Trajan (AD 97-117) with an image of a Roman soldier on the reverse.

They might purchase it for their growing portrait set, with little thought beyond it filling their need for a portrait of Trajan.

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One can take this to have two meanings as it is not absolutely clear if Virtus symbolizes the courage of the Emperor has brought peace, or if the courage of the Emperor's army has brought peace.

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