Radiometric dating techniques available to anthropologists tanya memme dating

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Radiometric dating techniques available to anthropologists

Archaeological evidence for the origin and maintenance of violence and warfare in prehistory.How archaeological inquiry is affected by current politics, ethics, and morality. Old World cultural development focusing on prehistoric Europe from the Paleolithic to the Roman period; European developments compared to other parts of the Old World. Cultural developments in selected areas of Old and New Worlds; emphasis on origins of plant and animal domestication, sedentary life, and transition to urban civilization. Main pre-Columbian cultures on the North American continent, north of Mexico.AIS 311 & Anthro 311 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Description and analysis of selected indigenous American cultures including subsistence, sociopolitical organizations, beliefs and Euro-American Indian policy.AIS 314 & Anthro 314 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. A comparative study of the processes of nation-formation and of the roles played by race, gender, and music in constructing national identities.Microscopic and biomedical considerations of bone and cartilage, age, sex, and regional differences among modern human populations. Contemporary global health through the lens of cultural anthropology and related social sciences; local communities' response to globally-directed intervention into disease.

Anthro 442 & Global 442 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Relationship of child development to particular cultural milieus; methods of child training in different cultures and their effects on the development of adult personality.History of the museum idea and its contemporary forms; educational, scientific, and changing uses of museums; museums and other institutions; museum professionalism and ethics. Administration and organizational problems in modern museums; finances and budgets; legal-administrative problems; relations with support groups and volunteers, record keeping, management of museum projects.Prereq: grad st; cons instr; grade of B or better in Anthro 720(P).Robert Jeske Time: May 30 – July 8, 2017 Location: Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Prerequisites: Anthro 103 or equivalent, and consent of instructor Primitive camping with showers and kitchen facilities is available on site at no cost.The site is located approximately 1.5 hours from UWM and limited daily transportation to and from campus is available.

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Prereq: jr st; Anthro 102(R) or Psych 101(R) or Sociol 101(R).