Pyramids carbon dating project

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There is thus no doubt whatsoever that pyramids with one pair of east west orientated sides have energies associated with them, even if those energies are of a kind as yet unfamiliar to humanity.So we might well next ask the question: why are ancient pyramids and their associated energies not eagerly studied by scientific institutions?So both the pyramids and the energy that they produce clearly form an undeniable part of Earthly history.Perhaps this statement brings us to a suitable time to answer that question: who built them? There have been reasons for the latter; relating largely to a strictly materialist attitude, to adverse political agenda and to the inherent dependencies that govern project funding. These are basic questions of prime importance that should ideally have been addressed years ago; but sadly, there has been far too much conjecture and little in the way of constructive thought.The latter have contributed by investigating construction details of the Bosnian pyramidsradiocarbon dating, GPR mapping, geo-polymer analysis and analysis of ceramic artefacts from within tunnels.Leading names that must be mentioned for their valuable work include: Volodymyr Krasnoholovetswho has studied the Giza pyramids and theorized on their interaction with aether as it sweeps past Earth due to planetary rotationto produce the observed energy.

What construction methods did they use in shaping, transporting and assembling vast multi-ton masses of rock?

Dead animals seem to dry out or mummify instead of rotting. In the vicinity of pyramids, growth rate of plants is increased in their early phase.

Pyramids placed in the vicinity of oil wells cut oil viscosity and the pumping rate at one such location in the south of Russia has been increased by 30%.

Well, in fact they are being studied, and very much so; but not here in the western world. This is where politics currently clouds the picture.

And highly significant findings have to date (2015) gone unreported by U. The studies and funding have thus far been Russian- and Bosnian-initiated, with useful participation from several European laboratories.

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Dr Sam Semir Osmanagichwho for the past ten years has led the Bosnian pyramid excavations and project study.