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In the second pane down, the "view/edit" option is greyed out. To edit files in File Zilla, just right click on the file which you want to edit. However, there is an alternate way: When I edit my website through File Zilla, I download the file(s) in question to my computer.

So where do I look for files to edit, and how do I get to do that? Once you've got the file downloaded, you can edit it like a regular file.

This way we are prepared in case our database schema grows.

If you do not have an icon available you can copy the icon created by the Android wizard (ic_in the res/drawable* folders) or rename the reference in the layout file.

I've just changed the home e Mail ISP and address, so I need to update the contact page. I got some helpful answers, mainly recommending File Zilla so far.) I downloaded the File Zilla Client, entered the web site address, FTP username and password, and up came the files in the right pane under "filename." I was advised yesterday to right-click on a file and then choose edit, and hunt for where the old e Mail address appears.

You can pull the database on your computer to investigate the content via your favorite SQlite desktop client.Also the usage of the loader framework is described. SQLite supports standard relational database features like SQL syntax, transactions and prepared statements.The database requires limited memory at runtime (approx. Room is an annotation processing based SQL object mapping library provided by Google.I do it like this so that I can choose the editing program that I want.(Sometimes File Zilla has a default I don't like.) In all honesty, if your struggling to understand how Filezilla works I would suggest using Windows Explorer to connect to your FTP server.

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you have an As said earlier I consider having one separate class per table as best practice.