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When one of these states is invested with ego energy, it becomes "the self" in the here and now. We say it is "executive," and it experiences the other states (if it is aware of them at all) as "he," "she," or "it," because they are then currently invested with object energy. They are adaptive for adjusting to school, to the playground, etc. (Psychoanalysis, hypnoanalysis, and ego-state therapy: In search of an efficient therapy). These changes are considered quite normal, yet they do represent patterns of behavior and experience that are clustered and organized under some common principle. The boundaries between these entities are very flexible and permeable. First, through normal differentiation the child learns to discriminate foods that taste good and those that are not. The child not only makes such simple discriminations, but also develops entire patterns of behavior that are appropriate for dealing with parents, teachers, and playmates. Psychoanalyse, hypnoanalyse, ego-state therapie: Auf der suche nach einer effektivan therapie. Call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) to request a booklet containing a list of participating physicians and other healthcare professionals in your area who provide mental health services. See my blog at -- American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis Volume 35, Number 4, April 1993 Pages 232 - 240 Ego-State Therapy: An Overview Helen H.

Such differentiation allows us to experience one set of behaviors as appropriate during a sporting event and inappropriate at a business meeting. Second, Federn believed that the personality was not simply a collections of perceptions, cognitions, and affects, but that these organized into clusters or patterns, which he called ego states. An ego state may be defined as an organized system of behavior and experience whose elements are bound together by some common principle. The child is quite aware of her/himself in a playground situation. Playground behaviors and feelings, however, are not as easily activated when in the classroom. These less clearly differentiated ego states are usually adaptive and are economic in providing appropriate behavior patterns when needed.

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When this separating process become excessive and maladaptive, it is usually called "dissociation." Psychological processes do not exist on a rigid either/or basis.

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