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Some might argue it would be just as effective to rub the plant extract, ginkgo biloba and vitamin E directly into your legs and put on a pair of tights.

But, as a friend said to me, lots of us are full of good intentions, but rarely get round to pampering ourselves.

And looking at the gossamer-thin tights, I cannot really see where the magical extracts contained within are actually kept.

The first thing to say is that they feel and look pretty much like any other tights - though a little thicker than traditional ten denier hosiery.

One of my sisters admired them and said they made my legs look good.

THIGHS BEFORE: 20.5in THIGHS AFTER: 20.5in Forget suck-in pants.

Now M&S are selling tights that don't just hold your cellulite in check while you're squeezed into the sausage-skins, the idea is they actually slim your saddlebags while you're wearing them, so your naked flesh is genuinely firmer. Just what I need to show off my new size ten minidress in.

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So now I'm wearing strange, shimmery, tan-coloured "spa leggings" - a hot new trend from Milan, I tell bemused friends. My thighs indeed shrunk, by just under half an inch. So my wearing of the magic spa tights has been unscientifically proven to produce results, but whether my thighs will reduce further, or even balloon back to their old size again, remains to be seen.

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