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Palm tungsten e updating

Most of these terms are pretty well established, but may not correlate with historical norms.

For instance, the quillon (or quillion) of a guard are the horizontal bars that extend perpendicular to the axis of a sword or dagger, but nowadays the quillon also refers to the protuberances that stop your fingers from sliding forward onto the knife blade and cutting edge.

So there simply is that the hidden tang is even comparable in blade-to-handle strength to the full tang.As expected, you can't make a serious business for decades and have a substantial internet presence without running into critics.The internet is rife with critics, people who have no training, no experience, and no measurable level of expertise apart from the ability to post (anonymously) their opinion.So I've created a series of pictures and drawings to illustrate knife components, parts, and anatomy.This will help with conversations and knowledge about knives in general, and educate about common current and historic knife components, leading to easier conversations about custom knives, their construction, shapes, features, and details.

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