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The modern Mongolian woman has inherited the genetic legacy with a taste for fashion.Exotic and beautiful Mongolian models are highly sought after in Asia and they enter the Miss World contest almost every year.The domination of Mongolian women in the service industry goes back to several centuries.The traditional Mongolians still live the life of nomads in the countryside where the nomadic woman spends her life raising the livestock and looking after the family.

But that’s where the similarities end in my personal experience.

That being said most of the downtown area, especially south of Sukhbaatar Square, is pretty expat friendly and it is where you’ll find most of the western cuisine restaurants.

Service in restaurants can be lacking, you really have to go old school and wave over the servers, though the service you do get is good, and food generally take a while to get to you, so plan on being there a while and downing a good 2 beers before you food arrives.

But i have to reverse a year or two ago, I read the Naughty Nomad’s review of Ulaan Baator and at the time was highly disappointed Fast forward to when i accepted the position, I immediately thought of his article (Link Below) and i was hoping it wasn’t true, and that he had just had a fluke of a bad time.

Now that i’ve been here a reasonable amount of time (over a month) i can honestly say that i’m glad his article is only mostly right.

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Interestingly, the people in Mongolia have still not forgiven the Chinese for colonization, hence dating or marrying a man from China is completely out of question.

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