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Captain Jack then became quiet as he listened to the executive tell the story”.

Finally Captain Jack said “no man alone in the woods with Erin Ryder wants to be rescued”.

Meldrum did not respond and then he uttered “Oh Dear, Oh Dear, yes, yes he is right here” his voice trembling and hands shaking as he handed Captain Jack the phone.

Captain Jack took the phone and shaking his head he said “Bindernagel here, this had better be good”.

They would need to send out a search party capable of dealing with the harsh elements and also capable to standing toe to toe with the elusive and fearsome Sasquatch.

This is a guest post by the same person who brought us "The Adventures of Jack Bindernagel" series.

The executives at the SCI FI Channel paced nervously around, each one afraid to say what they were thinking.

The executive from SCI FI was on the other end and said “Captain Jack, thank god we have gotten through to you”.

Captain Jack, craving a bourbon, and in no mood for small talk then said “what do you want, I am in no mood for games”.

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Slowly each of the executives looked at each other and then almost on Q they all said “We need to call Captain Jack Bindernagel”.