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Luke, the writer of the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, has been identified with St.

Paul's "Luke, the beloved physician" (Colossians ).

It is only in Luke's gospel that we hear the story of the Annunciation, Mary's visit to Elizabeth including the Magnificat, the Presentation, and the story of Jesus' disappearance in Jerusalem.

It is Luke that we have to thank for the Scriptural parts of the Hail Mary: "Hail Mary full of grace" spoken at the Annunciation and "Blessed are you and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus" spoken by her cousin Elizabeth.

We have to go to Acts to follow the trail of Luke's Christian ministry.

We know nothing about his conversion but looking at the language of Acts we can see where he joined Saint Paul.

Only in Luke do we hear the story of the forgiven woman disrupting the feast by washing Jesus' feet with her tears.

Luke's is the gospel of the poor and of social justice.

It was not uncommon for families to educate slaves in medicine so that they would have a resident family physician.

Not only do we have Paul's word, but Eusebius, Saint Jerome, Saint Irenaeus and Caius, a second-century writer, all refer to Luke as a physician.

Some early writers claim he was martyred, others say he lived a long life. The earliest tradition we have says that he died at 84 Boeotia after settling in Greece to write his Gospel.

A tradition that Luke was a painter seems to have no basis in fact.

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