Islamic dating liability disclaimer

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The usual problems are that you go too far and ejaculate, or you lose your erection and cannot regain it.

If these occur, do not worry – just try again another day.

Many men and their partners wish intercourse could last longer than it does.

If the glans(head of the penis) becomes less sensitive, ejaculation may be delayed. The main problem with the local anaesthetic products is that numbness may cause you to lose your erection. Choosea thicker condom labelled ‘ultrastrong’ or ‘superstrong’.

is a local anaesthetic spray that has been approved by the drug regulatory authorities in the USA and UK.

You signal to her when ejaculation is about to happen.

She then remains perfectly still, or lifts herself off and either does nothing or applies the squeeze, before resuming intercourse in the same position.

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It used to be thought that premature ejaculation was the result of a physical problem, such as irritation or inflammation of the urethra (the tube in the penis for urine and semen) or prostate gland, and there were nasty treatments such as squirting silver nitrate into the opening.

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