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Looking for New Year fitness ideas with a little sightseeing along the way?Combining trail running, cycling and kayaking, the Helly Hansen Adventure Race is not for the faint-hearted, says Jonathan Hunn, but it's certainly a challenge worth taking on.So if this production serves as a reminder of the greatness of Eugene I’ll be glad of that.” King of the Castle was first staged during the Dublin Theatre Festival, in 1964 (a year that also featured a more widely renowned classic, Brian Friel’s Philadelphia, Here I Come!), so it is fitting that, in the festival’s 60th anniversary year, it will feature such a fine example of its literary and dramatic heritage.“He tells a great story — a great love story, I think it’s true to say.It’s also a play that is epic in its scope, but he does that with an economy of means both in language and visually, which is incredibly accomplished.” That epic element is one of the key challenges of the play — to reach that level while at the same time staying true to the social realism that comes from Mc Cabe’s own direct experience, as someone who has lived and farmed in a community like the one depicted. I can’t tell you how, because that is what I am doing. From the city's pubs to the Guinness factory, what is there not to adore?The celebrity chef talks travel with Chris Leadbeater, revealing why he'd like to go to the moon, where to go in the French capital and how to get over the conundrum of an over-packed fridge at Christmas.

Gareth Huw Davies reveals how to make the most of your visit to the two cities...Jenny Coad drops into Dublin as it warms up for what is being called The Gathering, a calendar of events for anyone that loves all things Irish.Capt Cova, who worked for Ryanair for 11 years until joining Easyjet in 2016, was giving evidence in Ryanair’s action against three founders of the Ryanair Pilot Group (RPG) over a 2013 email which the airline says falsely inferred the company misled investors.Captains Evert Van Zwol, John Goss and Ted Murphy deny they defamed Ryanair.Martin Symington takes a music-themed swing through Northern Ireland and Donegal.Eugene Mc Cabe is a chronicler of borderlands, his writing both informed by and excavatory of the Fermanagh-Monaghan region where he has live and farmed for most of his life: its social codes, its barely buried histories, its uneasiness. He has written a novel widely regarded as a classic, Death and Nightingales, and a play of mythic proportions in King of the Castle — works of the first rank, yet from a writer who is sometimes overlooked or half-forgotten.

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The country, known for its jovial pubs and fondness for celebration, is used to being associated with merriment - but when it comes to being labelled as 'drunken', some see it as a derogatory step too far.