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One of the biggest problems, is when one partner does not welcome and embrace the cultural background of the other; there can be no dominate race or culture when it comes to interracial relationships.You chose to be with someone from a different race because you love them, so you must accept all aspects of their being, and trying to change your partner will only destroy a beautiful opportunity to grow together.That said, not every person is up for the challenge of dating someone from another culture or even another color.Sometimes a person is just not attracted and so it’s a matter of preference.Interracial couples share a unique characteristic, they obviously do not hate people because of race or color.

The opportunity to learn about other religious beliefs enables new spiritual understanding about other people.

As of June 12, 1967 interracial marriages were no longer illegal in any state.

The Cons of Interracial Relationships – Sadly, not everyone feels that different races should be together.

It doesn’t make it right and it’s certainly not kind, but it’s a cruel truth of this world.

Cons You may have relatives, friends or work acquaintances that disapprove of the relationship. Even if you decide to keep seeing your partner, you may have to contend with family divisions.

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The first interracial marriage, recorded in North American history was in 1614, that was the marriage between John Rolfe and Pocahontes.