Getting ridicule for dating someone ugly article speed dating

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Getting ridicule for dating someone ugly

It seems no worse or better than any other random contest of sexual exploits, where you're keeping score with yourself or friends.I would presume you're enjoying the sex with a BBW, so there's not necessarily a big LIE going in here.(I can see if a girl deliberately trashed & deeply wronged you or a good friend or something...Trying to get even with that girl, making her think she was hot **** and being asked out on a nice date, then takin her out and ditching her & revealing to everybody that everybody thinks she's an ugly joke, to humiliate her.*I* assume you want to have sex with her body, because if you were actually "repulsed" or put off by her being heavy, "hogging" would be impossible to do (the little head tells us what the big head wants, loud & clear).

Rating the members of the opposite gender or calling then dogs when talking to other guys, that's something culture tells us is OK, and it becomes ingrained.

After all in a long term partner looks will fade and most 80 year olds are not known for their stunning looks.

"After all in a long term partner looks will fade and most 80 year olds are not known for their stunning looks." I'd do cloris leachman. also, I don't believe in the idea of "settling." I'm an attractive (6 pack abs and really toned, athletic body), successful (making an hour at 19 with no college degree, and only getting started, I already bought myself a corvette after just 2 years, paid off IN CASH, live by myself) individual of above-average intellect (two seperate IQ tests I took put me in the low 130's range, but i'm certainly no genius) and I firmly believe that I don't have to do what said above, which I refer to as "settling." Pardon the conceit (one of my many flaws), but I know that I can hold out for a very attractive, decently intelligent, great personality-possessing mate, so why on earth would I settle for an ugly girl with a great personality when I could have a great looking girl with a personality that clicks with me?

it's just so personal, and hands on, with so much time for reflection prior to the action.

It really is more suitable as an elaborate plan of revenge that you would take on somebody who wronged you deeply, than a game you would do to a stranger for ****s and giggles.

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