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Game can encourage an improvement on looks, but on its own, is a more potent force than looks alone. Male’s SMV includes many elements such as confidence, charm, money, status, social proof, style, skill, sophistication , etc.*Unless you have women throwing themselves at you (fame, status), some element of escalation is required.

t=818 The SMV ladder – https://theprofessorspeaks.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/exit-ljbf-enter-smv-ladder/ RELATIONSHIPS Relationship game – Average game – Dating game – Relational equity – Fidelity – Compatibility – Mismatched couple dynamics (also includes cougar/cub) – Couple dynamics – Hot girls and gay boyfriends – Winning her over – Planting the seeds – The old flame – Married game – Men in love – https://rationalmale.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/men-in-love/ Women in love – https://rationalmale.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/women-in-love/ Of love & war – https://rationalmale.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/of-love-and-war/ SOCIAL EXERCISES Observational compliments – Social exercises for men – The confidence sub-routine – Dating exercise for women – More advice for women – DO LOOKS MATTER?If you have any recommendations for article additions, comment below and I will consider adding to the collection.The objective of this collection is not to shame, bash, or undermine, but to glean perspective from the disarray of clashing views by compartmentalizing thoughts into morsels of masculine enlightenment that enable the modern man to seek out his element and maximize the input/output of his inherent and earned value. Behind the menutia of attitudes and exchanges of banter, there are cultural forces in play that seep through the DNA of it all. This section unhinges the hindbrain, and taps into the evolutionary and cultural dynamics that puppeteer certain frames of mind.Once you isolate your type of game based on your interest, skillset, and lifestyle, hone in on the core areas and your developmental gaps, and you will notice a significant improvement in your approach and neutral state.I was a former nice guy who did not have trouble building attraction or comfort, however I did not properly recognize/build attraction, escalate, or effectively react to shit tests until learning game.


Never live in a woman’s world – they are in your presence to delight in your mystery. *The alpha/beta dichotomy can forever be argued and dissected, but at the end of the day, the black-and-white distinction provides clarity on what behaviors should be promoted vs. Grey area and sugar coating benefits no one in an arena of cold, hard, self-examination, and differing extreme angles, though not always agreeable, still provide perspective.

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