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You'll find regs at these events and if you become a reg, you are basically doing social-circle game.One of them asked me "would you like to come to my friend's party?Many thanks for that - please post back with a date sheet or more first impressions on Lviv when you get a chance as its on many people's "possibles" list. Heres a good Lviv datasheet for everyone @iknowexactly Checkout Conversation Clubs where people go in groups to practice their language skills The Duke had this to say about them in his Kharviv, Datasheet.I can't find the link to the thread, I copied this from a word file I saved for future reference." After a few meetings, one straight up told me to call her.( i Phones are great here, the compass and internet capabilty are great.) 5) I got the 10,000 MB plan ( 10 GB) for about for a month.When I was there, Kievstar did have a 3G sim but the regular phone was DISABLED on it.

I'm working on own creative projects and too much media addiction is a barrier. From looking at online dating sites, lugansk and eastern ( ethnically russian) chic are even hotter, may get there and report. Welcome to the layer cake son." Look forward to reading your stories @iknowexactly..Which I do for every good Datasheet I read on this forum. Use google translate to translate this page from Russian to English. The meetings have anywhere between 12 and 30 people.About languages, I don't know deep history but it seems some basic and old words are dissimilar in Russian versus Ukrainian.For instance "thanks" in Russian is "spa SEEba" but in Ukrainian is st like yoo HOOkoo" -totally different.

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