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This summed up a five-year experience of dating—which makes one wonder how someone so dissatisfied with these miserable experiences would persist for five years without giving up.

A prescription that helps one person with bipolar disorder does not necessarily help the next. Therapy is also useful to help the client identify strengths and members of their support system.Her view of men, although at one extreme, is not very different from the way other women—and men,—regard the people they have met dating.The dissatisfied men are likely to describe the women as “manipulative” and inclined right off the bat to reject them.However, some people have anger that is based in imbalances in brain chemistry, instead of emotions or drugs introduced into the body.A person with bipolar disorder has a condition that is linked to chemical imbalances in the brain.

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There are men and women who have no interest in meeting someone to marry. Most of this relatively small group do not date, but some do, finding the dating experience enjoyable.

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