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3.1 The University expects: 3.2 Employees in breach of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and the respective policies may be deemed misconduct and result in possible disciplinary action.3.3 Managers are responsible for ensuring this policy and its procedures are followed and understood as appropriate to each staff member's role and function.Activities that are incompatible with this policy include, the involvement of a staff member in the admission, supervision, assessment or examination of a student with whom they have, or have had, a close personal or financial relationship, or, with whom they have or have had a sexual relationship, the supervision of a student or another member of staff by a staff member with whom they have or have had a sexual relationship.The employment of individuals in a close personal relationship may cause conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest.The purpose of this policy is to maintain confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the staff and services of the University.The policy clarifies appropriate disclosure and management of close personal relationships to avoid misunderstandings, complaints of favouritism or unfair treatment, claims of sexual harassment, or dissension that may result from the appearance of conflict of interest caused by close personal relationships amongst employees.5.5 The student may also disclose a close personal relationship to the Head or, where relevant, the Head's next-in-line manager or Committee Chair.

This policy applies to the conduct expected in the professional performance of duties of all staff of the University and their relationships with staff and students.

Usual and customary socializing at the University not involving the conduct defined above, for example: - mentor-mentee; supervisor-employee; co-workers; and supervisor-student, - working relationships which exist due to ordinary collegiate academic collaboration, - professional collegiality where colleagues are not relatives, financially dependent, or intimate partners, are not considered close personal relationships for the purposes of this policy.

"Committee" means all committees and sub-committees, including committees established to undertake reviews, advisory groups, reference groups or any other committee, board, or panel including Senate, Academic Board and Faculty Boards, University standing committees and working parties, selection and promotion committees, resourcing committees, consultative committees, official departmental committees and ad hoc bodies which have responsibility for a substantial policy or project.

"University" means The University of Western Australia.

The university strives to be a family-friendly workplace and is committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion, trust and respect.

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5.7 If for any reason the Head, Chair or Supervisor does not find it possible to avoid altogether the involvement of people in the close personal relationship, the Head's next-in-line manager must formally approve the arrangement proposed by the Head before it is implemented. cross-marking or co-supervision of the student's work, must be formally approved by the Head of School prior to implementation.

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