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Dating in anchorage alaska

They have seen apparitions, items being moved, etc.

It was closed down for a while because the workers would hear voices and children laughing.

This room is haunted by a man who died there, and whose body was not found for several days, according to the staff.

Also, there is a ghost by the name of Ken who wanders the parking lot and courtyard, in and around the gazebo.

Now the ghosts roam the areas and usually appear in front of lone people in the bathrooms, and smaller hallways in the mall.

Some say they have seen a young girl walking around the location of this school.

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There is also what appears to be a cat walking around the hotel. It is said that when the Dimond center was first built, the grounds under it were sacred burial grounds from thousands of years ago, dating back to when natives first roamed the lands.

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