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Even if we have never been labelled a Judas, all of us will at some stage in our lives have been accused of betrayal.And so, every Easter, as I stand in the pews listening to the gospel accounts of Jesus’s arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection, it is often the details of Judas’s role, the words spoken by him and to him, that catch my ear.Was he really, as Christianity has unceasingly taught, the devil’s tool, the very worst of the worst, the one who, in an unforgettable tableau from Dante’s Inferno, is sentenced to the cruellest layer of hell, where he hangs from Satan’s jaws, half digested, his legs kicking in vain forever?Or might he just be like the rest of us, in Christian theory at least, capable of rehabilitation and even redemption?These enclose a small patch of green, but even that contained no Judas tree.When I persuaded the sisters to let me through the firmly bolted front door, it was quickly plain that the memory of Judas had been all but obliterated on the Field of Blood, save for a small dusty icon, tucked away in the back of their onion-domed chapel, recalling the familiar episodes of Judas’s wretched existence.

I couldn’t detect whether it was regret or relief in her voice.

Such images were just one means by which the medieval church used Judas as an instrument of control, terrifying the faithful into doing what they were told lest they follow the same route as the traitor into the waiting arms of the devil.

Much more prevalent, though, was employing Judas to scapegoat the whole Jewish race.

As he breathes his last, a stream of sweet-potato-like entrails spills out of his open stomach, as well as (with Christianity’s usual scant regard for science) a miniature adult.

A golden-winged demon is on hand to catch the newborn, with the implication that it will continue to sow the seeds of Judas’s treacherous legacy into future generations.

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So firmly rooted in our imaginations and culture are the details of Judas Iscariot’s death that there is even a Judas tree we can plant in our gardens – though quite why we would want to is a puzzle.

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