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He served four tours in Iraq, and was diagnosed with PTSD in 2004.

He’s in the process of getting a divorce and says while he’s got a strong grasp on how PTSD impacts his life and how to cope with it, he’s not exactly sure how to go about broaching the topic in the singles scene. ’ No, it’s not going to happen.” Beyond the manifestations of PTSD, it can be complicated for a veteran to talk about time in combat. Anne Germain works with vets at Western Psych and she said when they return home from the battlefield, they’re still trying to digest the experience, “and a lot of people coming back have a period where they have to integrate what they’ve been through with the person they were before and with the person they are now and come up with a new sense of self.” And trying to translate the war experience to an outsider?

I am me, I am proud of me and what I gave for my country.

I'm not sure what type of women you were speaking with, but I doubt many people think dating a veteran is bad.

I say ask this, because I was given multiple women advising me that it will reflect negatively.

Or maybe we're looked at like we're all screwed up to some degree? I was called a baby killer in 72 at the airport in Atl while in uniform even though I had been stationed state side my entire enlistment.

You know my antics excluded - though I know I am a representative of the demographic, I am not the example. All I can say is if it meant and means something to you as a person, don't ever be embarassed or hesitant to acknowledge it. I went in to service in Dec/79 and served 10 years. One who has ptsd from car bombs while I was stationed TDY in Greece.

Not that I've been looking or anything, its just something I ran into when I actually tried once on POF lol Maybe these people were simply telling you they weren't interested in YOU, but thanking you for your service to the country? For 16 years, we’ve been the flagship site serving the U. If your idea of the perfect mate is Military enlisted, or a Military officer, or simply an admirer of our brave men and women who work for the U. Monday, April 16, 2012 As men and women return from military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, they go through a significant adjustment as they rejoin civilian life.Part of that adjustment is figuring how to communicate their experience at war.

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