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By that time, I was thoroughly hooked on ukuleles and didn't want the distraction.I even sold my Strumstick, some harmonicas and several flutes to purchase more ukes.

Another is the fun challenge of trying to adapt favourite guitar songs for the uke.

Plus I started playing harmonica again (see my harmonica review pages). I had heard buskers playing charango in Zihuatanejo at La Casa Cafe and I became very interested in the little instrument. I went to the local music stores for advice and to purchase (always shop local, first).

Towards the end of winter '08, I decided to add ukulele to my practice. I spoke at length (in my abysmal Spanish) to one of the performers, and he even let me try out his charango. I was shown some cheap -or-less knock-offs, and my inquiries for something of higher quality met with a shrug of the shoulders, and the presentation of a catalogue with a single "better" () uke listed.

I'm not a musician: I'm just someone who likes to make music.

I hack away at it; I have since I was 14, back when the Beatles were still new.

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But pound for pound, the ukulele is hard to beat for putting smiles on your face.