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Dating and evansville indiana

Decorrevont's four-month-old infant was left in the car for over two-and-a-half hours on a day when temperatures reached 86 degrees.

But officers at the scene said she 'did not seem very remorseful', according to a warrant affidavit reported by WFIE.

A store employee helped remove the infant's car seat from the vehicle once entry was gained.

The baby was taken to a hospital for treatment and is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Her bail was set at 0 cash or ,500 surety, and she is due back in court on Friday.

Mother Kelly Decorrevont, 35, was arrested after the rescue on Monday in Evansville, Indiana, and was charged with child neglect and possession of marijuana after cops found pot in her purse.

The more-eroded southern part of the state gives way to the central plain, an extremely fertile agricultural belt with large farms, and then to the mostly flat glacial lake basin and moraine (rocky glacial debris) region of northern Indiana.

The highest elevation is near the Ohio border, at about 1,250 feet (380 metres) above sea level, while the lowest point, at roughly 330 feet (100 metres), is in the southwest where the Wabash River enters the Ohio River.

About 90 percent of the land lies between 500 and 1,000 feet (150 and 300 metres).

The general slope and drainage pattern is toward the south and southwest, though an almost imperceptible groundswell in the northeast forms a watershed between the St. The Wabash, the Ohio, and the east and west forks of the White River form part of the Mississippi basin. Joseph River meanders into Lake Michigan, while in the east the Maumee flows northeastward into Lake Erie.

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This is largely a reflection of the early settlement of the region by migrants from the South, who brought with them a hearty distrust of the federal government.

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