Dating a banker anonymus

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At one time, many years ago, I was really into the "Lifestyle".I had the occasion to meet a large number of couples, including that couple about whom this story deals.Needless to say, given my attitude about women and toenail polish, I have never seen her without toenail polish on since that time.

I let Gennifer know that I would not object if she "entertained" Ernest while I was gone.

When you read these stories on-line, you always wonder how much of them is true, and how much is not.

The bulk of this story is true, with only the most of the names changed to protect the innocent and in some instances, the deceased.

From that night on even after we met as it turned out, she was his 'fuck-toy' whenever he wanted her, when he could get free to come to her.

For 4 years running (including the year after I met her), he went to a mortgage banker's convention in Chicago, & took her with him as his black-owned pussy; and to prove it to him (at least), she wore an anklet that he'd bought her, with a medallion attached with the initials "BOP" ['black-owned pussy'].

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While Vicki was with her new friend and Gail was in a back room pulling a train with her new black stud and some of his friends, Gennifer and I started talking.

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