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This realization cranks up my arousal a few clicks. A completely calm and rational explanation of whatever he's mocking usually shuts him up pretty quickly. But first we need to get you out of that dress." The fire in her eyes had been there since we left the car, but I swear steam blew out of her ears at that remark. I watch her heels fly across the room, her veil haphazardly tossed onto the vanity.

My breathing is becoming heavier and I can feel my skin starting to flush. "Well, you sound like you're ready to go," Isaac teases. But I am not about to let his snark get the best of me. "Isaac, I have been repressing almost every sexual and sensual urge that has struck me since I started liking boys—" over-simplifying my diction works too, "—and tonight, I can finally give in to them. "Whoa, whoa slow down there." Betrayal and puzzlement cross her face. Sit down." The realization breaks and she follows my orders.

Which is a little weird, and one of the reasons I don't really enjoy attending other people's weddings.

Not that anything in particular struck us as funny, but we just got married! I turn to my darling Maria and look her in the eyes. Tonight is the night Isaac and I are going to begin our lives together as husband and wife. Heck, I'm not even sure I can identify it." "You'll have all night to try and figure it out," I allude, none too subtly. I was doing my absolute best to hide my desire, but he picked up on it so I'm going to roll with it. I wish I could be the same for him, and hopefully that will come with time.

Not to undermine her brilliance or anything though, because she is rather wonderful. When couples plan their weddings, I think all Americans understand as a culture that the woman is supposed to be in charge.

She knows what she wants and the man is not to interfere.

I have never been undressed before and I must say, it's an odd sensation. " "I'll sew them back on right now if that's the only thing on your mind." There is no stopping Maria now.

I hope I'll have more opportunities to acclimate myself with it. I throw up my hands in mock defeat, which actually helps her pull off my shirt and jacket. My knees give out again, but Isaac catches me and keeps us both from collapsing.

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We weren't coming down from that high for at least a week. One of the reasons I absolutely adore this woman is because we are able to communicate so much non-verbally. Never in all my life have I felt this much desire all directed at one very specific—and very tangible—item. I probably shouldn't call my new husband an item, but I am a bit overwhelmed with everything that's happened today, so I'm not sure I care. If today's events had not been executed perfectly, I honestly don't know if I could even enjoy my first night as a married woman. And that, of course, comes with a few traditions I have been looking forward to very, very much. He sets me down on the bed, and I notice for the first time how damp my underwear are.