Browser not updating css

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Browser not updating css

But neither can this be a wholesome solution nor asking an end user to clear the cache every single time.In the world of Laravel Development, there are a few ways of getting this done.Hi All, Just updated to PHPStorm 7.0 and the Live Edit is not refreshing the page in Chrome when editing the stylesheet file in the project.It is working when updating the PHP files and any template files (I'm using Smarty), yet not when updating the main CSS file.But when I came across this situation, I tried the following method to have a better way of handling this issue.The Laravel Development framework provides the Laravel Elixir which is one of Laravel’s service packages will help browsers to refresh its cache automatically after an update to any of the CSS and JS files. So, first and foremost is to Install Laravel Elixir, and for that, give the following commands on the terminal: node -v /* This is to check the node version */ /*If the node version does not load, type the commands*/ sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nodejs sudo apt-get install npm /* If the above commands result in the following error */ The program ‘node’ can be found in the following packages: node nodejs-legacy /*Ask your administrator to install one of them*/ /* Try the following command */ sudo apt-get install node node -v /* If still node –v returns empty on the screen, try the following command as an option*/ sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy node -v /*If this too returns an error as below:*/ -bash: /usr/sbin/node: No such file or directory /*type the following command to rectify*/ which nodejs sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/sbin/node This will install the Elixir service package for use in the Laravel Development framework./* Go to the respective project directory and run the below command from your project directory */ sudo npm install –global gulp sudo npm install /*If it gets successfully installed, node_modules directory and file will be available in project directory as*/ node_modules/ gulpfile.jssudo chmod -R 777 public/build Now, perform step 3-A or step 3-B mentioned below, based on your requirement.In this thread, Refreshing Web Appbuilder Stan Mc Shinsky asks how to refresh WAB.

This was working in PHPStorm 6, the help file doesn't mention anything specifically regarding CSS files that I can see. any ideas what I'm missing?

After it is posted and loaded, if I update certain aspects of the app and change them on the web, they do not reflect due to the browser cache (as far as I am aware).

Robert Scheitlin, GISP pointed me to a couple of very helpful threads but I feel like I need just a little more help so I am posting a new question (sorry Geo Net).

Restrained to a reasonable limit, categorized by functions, separated by scope, organized in logical groups, provided with short help information, that's it.

We could add even more options for customization what could be helpful for experts, but confusing for anyone else. Drag and drop files to quickly open pages and import data. Is it possible to make such horizontal menu with pure CSS?

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2 Open containing folder to quickly find the menu files.

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