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Blogru dating lt

Sumptuary laws abounded; a Christian or Jew should walk or go by mule but not on a horse and should defer to a Muslim on the street. embassy to Jerusalem brings on a flood of thoughts.

(Of course, actual practice differed from one country to another and from one era to another.) Continue Reading Question: On December 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump made a statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and declaring that his administration will immediately begin the process of building an embassy in Jerusalem. Briefly: This completes the UN creation of Israel on Nov. Coincidentally, it came 70 years and 7 days after the UN vote.

Muslims were relatively tolerant of People of the Book - but only if they accepted becoming dhimmi (protected persons) who acknowledged the rule of Muslims and the superiority of Islam; in other words, if they accepted an inferior status.

They had to pay special taxes (called jizya) could not serve in the military or the police or, more generally, exercise authority over Muslims.

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The emirate sits among some of the richest oil and rentier states in the world; nearby Qatar has a per capita annual hydrocarbon income of about US0,000 per Qatari national.

The Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are Onoda writ large.

They formally acknowledged defeat by Israel 24 years ago, when Yasir Arafat stood on the White House lawn and recognized "the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security." Trouble was, Arafat himself did not sincerely offer this act of surrender and most Palestinians rejected it.

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Syria, Security, Migration, and Eurabia: An Interview December 7, Alpha Institute Anti-immigration Policies are Inevitable in Europe December 5, Rebel Media On Recent Saudi Reforms: A Conversation November 21, International Policy Digest The Israel Victory Project November 19, David Horowitz Freedom Center Zionism, its Challenges, and the Future of the State of Israel November 16, Im Tirtzu Trump, Iran, and a Fast-Changing Middle East November 13, L'Informale (Italy) A new strain of thought has developed in Sunni Muslim thinking: ethnic cleansing.

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It's not genocide, but it involves expelling non-Sunni populations.

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