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Billy ray gallion dating in the dark

A plain, ordinary man tells us about his work as a real-estate broker, his dead father, his ordinary home and so on in a naturalistic voice, lacking any emotions, looking straight into the ...

See full summary » Director: Roy Andersson Birger is old and retired from work.

See full summary » Director: Mike Leigh A lonely private investigator is contacted by a mysterious woman who pulls him into a mind game known as 'telephone walking'.

Fascinated by her voice, Aloys discovers an imaginary universe that allows him to break out of his isolation.

25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.

Stars: Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder, David Harbour After the loss of their parents in a mysterious fire, the three Baudelaire children face trials and tribulations attempting to uncover dark family secrets.

See full summary » Director: Juan Solanas A fascinating pictorial history of a New York City bar whose customers, from the hard-drinking working class Irish to the coiffed African American gay male, continually transform its focus during its 10-year reign.

Director: Stefan Nadelman A teenage boy plays truant from school, and spends the day riding around the town and the deserted beach on his bicycle, letting his mind wander as he imagines he is the only person in the world.

King Kreon wants to reward Jason for his exploits: he gives the hand of his daughter, Glauce, to Jason as well as the promise of the...

See full summary » Director: Lars von Trier On a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece, Jason returns to Greece with the powerful sorceress, Medea.

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Still, he goes back to work since he has nothing else to do.

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