Backdating contract english law ten keys to successful dating and marriage relationships

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Backdating contract english law

The farmer, and even his or her attorney, may have waited until absolutely necessary to consult with reorganization counsel.The farmer may be extremely reluctant to part with any of these assets, and only does so as a last resort.

As author of Contracts, Roger coaches business owners how to draft and negotiate their own contracts through workshops, teleseminars and online programs.Typically, this is done by stating at the beginning of the contract that However, if there are intellectual property rights, confidentiality obligations or other pre-existing obligations, you may have a problem because any rights arising prior to signing the contract would be lost. How do you hold someone responsible for doing something before they knew it was an obligation? Sometimes, the best solution is just to fix the problem.Read each paragraph and consider what it means if you sign the agreement today.Now, two months later you prepared a contract that is ready to be signed if you can just figure out the right date. It’s harder than you think to put in a prior date and have it look authentic.In general, “backdating” should be avoided, whether we are talking contracts or old flames. Yes, I know businesses do it all the time but that doesn’t mean it is good business practice; and in many cases it may be considered fraud or misrepresentation. For example, the first payment is due upon signing two months ago…except the check was never written or deposited in a bank. So, there is no intent to defraud or mislead or misrepresent the true nature of the agreement.

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There are some exceptions to the former; none (based on my experience) to the latter. All you have to do is write in a prior date and sign it. In most agreements, using a prior date to make it look like it was signed earlier is the wrong way to go. The problem is that it may not work in every situation.