Are rihanna and ashton kutcher really dating

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Asked if Ashton would be paying her a visit, the starlet was unimpressed. " she said, before adding: "I'm happy and I'm single, if that's what you're really asking".

During the press conference, she showed off a more sophisticated look, having donned a silk, olive-green dress and pointed court shoes.

Rihanna has halted the maelstrom of rumours swirling around her supposed romance with Demi Moore's estranged husband, Ashton Kutcher.

There had been speculation the pair had become an item after the singer was photographed leaving the .

The Story: During the 2016 MTV VMAS, when Drake announced he has loved Rihanna ever since he was 22-years-old--that's nearly 8 years!

The Bad Gal and the 6god have an ongoing flirtationship and who knows where it will end. News after Drake publically shared his feelings from Ri, the two reached peak PDA in the club, were going steady for a while before taking some time to see other people.

Reports have it that the two were just "hooking up" and that their fling didn't last long.

Occupation: Rapper Age: 24 Relationship Status: Single The Story: In 2015, Rihanna and Travis started on a love affair and he very quickly fell for her. He's very into her." Occupation: Model Age: 26 Relationship Status: ?

"I'm so happy," she told Occupation: Rapper Age: 29 Relationship Status: Single-ish?

The Bad Gal has a long list of of men who were once majorly smitten with her Bajan love.

From Chris Brown Brown to Matt Kemp to Ashton Kutcher, Ri Ri makes one thing clear -- she has nothing but love for them, but she has moved on.

27; she wore a baggy white sweater, jeans, sunglasses . (For her part, Kunis ended her eight-year relationship with Macauley Culkin around the same time.) Kunis and the “Two and a Half Men” took their long friendship to the next level in spring of 2011, and though they’ve been resolutely private, are “inseparable,” another pal told Us.

He and the Margin Call actress, 51, split in fall 2010 following his infamous San Diego fling with Sara Leal in San Diego.

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The Story: Shia admitted he and Rihanna started seeing each other in 2007 but there was no true chemistry between the two. The two are often spotted together in the club and most recently were seen in a Vegas night club "whispering into each other's ears" following a cute little flirtation during Coachella in 2016.

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