Aol 9 5 restarting issue updating

Posted by / 14-Sep-2017 17:43

Aol 9 5 restarting issue updating

If so, there are a couple of possible ways around this.

In this possible solution, if the Mac or PC you connect your i Phone to has a direct cable connection to your internet provider (the cable connects from the back of the computer to the box your internet access provider gave you), connect your i Phone to your computer, and attempt to restart the waiting i Phone app through the i Tunes app interface.

Here are some consolidated notes of comments about this “waiting i Phone apps” solution: The i Phone reboot worked for me!

I had about 11 apps with 'waiting' status after I pressed the 'Update' apps button.

Today, I rebooted my i Phone, and the i Phone apps finished updating themselves.

After a lot of investigation and lots of messing around I found out where the Windows Universal Mail app stores its account data – as I thought this is probably where the problem probably was. Delete the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Comms\ folder by entering the following command in the Power Shell window (back the folder up first if you want): Once this had all been done I loaded the Mail up and it asked me to configure all my mail accounts again (and authorize them with the providers).

The Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar seems to store all information in the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\Comms\ I thought perhaps if I could get rid of (back it up just in case) this folder the app might recreate it. @Stephen has suggested that restarting your computer at this point allows the next step to proceed with better success. After this the error message had gone away and all my accounts worked normally.

If you know of any other potential solutions to this waiting i Phone apps problem, please leave a comment below.

, but based on the comments on this post and those on the Microsoft Forums this solution doesn’t always work and many other fixes have been suggested (see the forum for a large number of other suggested solutions).

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I messed about with the account settings and everything I could find for the account in Mail settings but couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

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