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Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen): Grew up on a farm and learnt to skin an animal for Winter's Bone.Was trained by an archer when filming The Hunger Games. Alexander Ludwig (Cato): Seems to be quite the physical specimen.We have 100 fun facts which will test you on your knowledge of some of the unknown stuff about the movie. The ‘Hunger Games’ set had 100-degree heat and bears. The lead characters are contracted for the entire franchise. The movie cost milion to make, reduced to million after subsidies. Elizabeth Banks, who played District 12 escort Effie Trinket, said the worst part of her costume was the lengthy bejeweled nails because she couldn’t unbutton herself or even go to the bathroom without assistance. Lenny Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence knew each other before the film, which added chemistry between their characters. Actor Stanley Tucci donned a spray tan and lots of makeup and wore a bright blue wig, blue eyebrows and false teeth to portray the host of ‘The Hunger Games’, Caesar Flickerman in the film. Half-thawed blueberries were used in the film to portray nightlock, a poisonous berry so deadly it kills those who consume it in less than a minute. Fans have combined the names of Katniss and her love interest, Peeta, giving them the shipping name “Peeniss”. Actor Josh Hutcherson read the entire trilogy in five days to prepare for his role as Peeta. Most of the movie was shot in the woods of North Carolina, especially in and around Charlotte and Asheville. The film holds the record for the fifth-best opening day ever, bringing in a whopping .3 million (including .7 million for midnight showings). The chances of their book sequels ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Mockingjay’ being converted into films depended on the money the first movie made. The tribute interviews were filmed at Knight Theater. Liam Hemsworth said that he usually trains six days a week with surfing, lifting weights and boxing to keep fit. Apparently, the costumes worn by Alexander Ludwig, Jack Quaid and Isabelle Fuhrman were really fun to slide across the set’s waiting room. Jack Quaid had to put on 16 lbs of muscle before shooting began, and even then he still had to work out every morning. Within three weeks of intense training for The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson put on about 15 pounds of muscle. Josh Hutcherson said that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t much taller than him, so she won’t tower over him in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence’s salary for the film is 0,000 plus ‘escalators. It took Jennifer 3 days to accept the role of Katniss, as she was scared of what the transition from indie darling to mainstream actress would do to her career. While on set, Jennifer Lawrence tried to kick over Josh Hutcherson’s head and accidentally kicked him in the head, knocking him out and giving him a concussion. Lawrence appeared in “X-Men: First Class” alongside Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, Zoe, and the two have remained friends ever since. Jennifer Lawrence decided to pursue an acting career after a boy from Kentucky made it big in Hollywood. Due to the success of the first movie, ‘Catching Fire’ is now being produced. The film’s costume designers made a minimum of 1,800 elaborate costumes for the citizens of the Capitol. More than 35 full-time makeup artists were needed to work on the main characters and over 500 extras. Taylor Swift contributed two songs to the soundtrack: “Eyes Open” and “Safe & Sound” featuring The Civil Wars. Actor Alexander Ludwig gained 30 to 40 pounds in order to play the role of Cato. Author Suzanne Collins came up with the idea for the book after watching footage of the invasion of Iraq and a reality TV show. Had basic hand-to-hand combat training as well as her knife-throwing training.Leven Rambin, Jack Quaid, Dayo Okeniyi, Jacqueline Emerson, Amanda Sternberg would probably be the first to die off, as they have very basic combat skills.

She finished high school to years early to pursue her acting career. She auditioned for the role of Bella in the Twilight Saga. Jennifer Lawrence came in 7th this year for Total Film’s 30 Hottest Rising Actors Right Now’ list. She says the only time she is ever serious is in front of the camera. Jennifer Lawrence says that she could watch Bridget Jones’s Diary over and over. She has revealed that she would like to direct at some point, but she doesn’t know where she will be in 10 years. She refuses to have a Facebook or Twitter account, just like Liam Hemsworth. Jennifer Lawrence was first discovered when a photographer took her picture in New York. Actor Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) told his brother Liam Hemsworth he needed to lose weight to play the role of Gale.But she was also a deadly fighter, who notched up a high kill-rate throughout the course of The Games.After teaming up with the other careers from District 1 and 2, she suffered one of the film's most gruesome deaths, after she and the rest of her group decided to camp below a tree where Katniss was hiding.Other tributes that were featured in the Hunger Games but had no significant role in the books or movies would have died here, too.That leaves Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Alexander Ludwig and Isabelle Fuhrman.

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