18 furry hookups

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18 furry hookups

A social community and shopping forum for Pet-Lovers.In addition to cats and dogs, this social network also welcomes fish, birds, reptiles and other pets.With over 170 million dog and cat owners in North America alone, there is clearly a strong social community centered around pets.Pet-owners naturally conjugate- whether it is because of their daily walks, or for pet-shows, or for just comparing notes- this community is very passionate about their pets!It is a social community about pets to exchange ideas.You can create a profile page for your cat, join and/or create a group.Again, Pet-owners can set up profiles for their pets, find friends, enter discussions,share photos, ask an expert questions. In addition to the above, there is a community corner and a Pet Hall of Fame to recognize the bravery of outstanding performance of pets.A social pet community for Pet-Lovers and their pets.

The street has a Pet Street Vet that provides advice and services to the Petstreet membership. As with other networks, members can create profiles, join discussion and community forums. There are also clubs and shops for virtual gifts giving.

So taking these conversations to a social network seems a natural next step.

Many pet social networks not only provide forums, resources, and expert help, but they also provide owners with the ability to showcase their pets by developing pet profiles, creating groups, exchanging photos and videos.

Members can also share photos, videos, stories, get professional health advice from pet experts and find local pet businesses, parks and sitters. Many sharing capabilities including a choice of Pet Tubes and/or You Tubes for members’ videos.

The site has a very diverse membership with access to pet businesses, products, and resources.

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It caters to a wide number of pets that include dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, horses, rabbits and more.

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